• Meet Regional Field Leader Sushil Marandi

    Sushil Marandi is GHNI's Regional Field Leader for South Asia and National Field Leader for India. He was born in a remote village of the state of Jharkhand among the Santal people. Sushil pursued a rare opportunity among his people to pursue an education.

    After graduation, Sushil decided to serve his people by helping them in community development. Ever since, he has been involved in various capacities to assist them. He is grateful that GHNI has come alongside him in his vision to bring help and hope to thousands of Santal villages.

    Sushil Marandi gives help and hope to villages in South Asia through Transformational Community Development.
  • Scam Alert!!

    Please note our team is aware that there is a scam in place - a false organization is using our name, logo, and information to solicit funds for visa processing. This scam is asking for funds to process visas and resettlement. Please do NOT send money to anyone offering these services pretending to be with Global Hope Network International.  We do NOT work with visas and resettlement of any sort. 

    If you feel that you have become a victim of a scam or have any questions, please email info@ghni.org

  • Transformational Community Development

    Did you know....TCD can go viral to reach 1 million villages, thus ending extreme poverty! 

    Consider the facts....

    22% of the world population makes less than $1.25 per day.

    1.54 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 

    An average village has 1,500 people.

    1 million villages exist in 70+ countries.

    TCD is not just a methodology, it's a movement. Will you be a part of it?