• Bringing Help and Hope to Those in Need

    When we are not teaching villages about Transformational Community Development, we help them recover from unexpected natural and political disasters. Villagers may lose their homes, their livestock, or worse, their lives and loved ones. Learn more about how we are making a difference in affected areas.

  • Visit the Field with GHNI!

    Joining GHNI on a short-term trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will work alongside villagers in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Not only will you travel to regions of our beautiful planet where few are able to visit, but more importantly, you will help to empower villagers who are working to end their own extreme poverty. Will you go?

  • Join us!

    If you are a mission team leader or participant, church groups, civic clubs or just an individual seeking knowledge on bringing sustainable development and restoring dignity to those living in poverty,

    This is for YOU!

    Join Hal Jones and team in Volcano, Hawaii as they offer hands-on training in a "simulated" village experience.