• Scam Alert!!

    Please note our team is aware that there is a scam in place - a false organization is using our name, logo, and information to solicit funds for visa processing. This scam is asking for funds to process visas and resettlement. Please do NOT send money to anyone offering these services pretending to be with Global Hope Network International.  We do NOT work with visas and resettlement of any sort. 

    If you feel that you have become a victim of a scam or have any questions, please email info@ghni.org

  • Adopt a Refugee Family

    The crisis in Syria and Iraq have caused many families to flee their homes, jobs, and all their possessions to seek safety in Jordan. Learn how you can adopt a refugee family as they pull themselves out of poverty in a foreign land.

    Family, heart
  • Slavery Prevention

    Slavery occurs when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically, pays them little or nothing and they cannot walk away. The realities of slavery are astounding:

    - There are 21 million people in forced labor

    - The total number of people estimated to be in slavery today ranges from 21-30 million

    - Slavery is not legal anywhere but happens in every country in the world!

    - 55% of victims today are women and girls; 45% are men and boys

    - Slavery is a $32 billion annual industry; almost half is generated from western countries

    - 78% of slavery victims today are in labor slavery, 22% are in the sex trade

    Teaching villagers about slavery prevention is part of the solution. The true solution is to end extreme poverty through TCD , thus removing the vulnerability. Ending poverty ends slavery.