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TCD worker and village head man, the Man of Peace

TCD worker and village head man, the Man of Peace

The true test of whether or not Transformational Community Development (TCD) is working in a village is when the villagers take ownership of their progress.  That’s exactly what happened recently when the funding for their electricity transformer didn’t come as quickly as they hoped.  GHNI Myanmar shares the details of this inspiring story!

Thar Yar Kung, Myanmar

“The first committee in Thar Yar Kung village is the Electricity Committee formed by seven chief men of the village. The committee was formed before GHNI entered the village, but the committee adopted TCD method of solving problems by using the local resources and creating village ownership.

“The village needed more than 8,000,000 MMK ($8,300) to buy the transformer and fix it in order to get the electricity in the village. GHNI made a commitment with the committee to help in the electricity project if they dig pit latrines in the village.

“After a few months, the committee made partnership with the government and were able to get the transformer from the government. However, they didn’t have enough money to fix the transformer. Therefore, they sat for a meeting and discussed how to raise funds locally.

“They agreed to collect some money from every home in the village. That money still couldn’t cover the cost to fix the transformer. After sitting for another meeting to raise funds, they got an idea to sell land that the village owns (combined-land).   GHNI added some money as some toilets were repaired and dug so that they could start the project.”


Thank you, Tanna Dang and Costco, for your heart to change lives!

Costco magazine focused on how Tanna uses her business, Eden in Love, to positively impact poverty while serving customers in her store.

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